Monday, July 20, 2009

What’s Your Light-style

When you think of adding lighting to your landscape, an important factor to consider is style. Do you know what yours is?

If you enjoy sleek, clean decorations in your home and favor a tidy and put-together look, modern style fixtures may be the right choice for you. Lights that fit in to the modern category are contemporary and simple. They lend themselves especially well to highly-manicured landscapes, but can also provide an interesting contrast to more “wild” looking planting schemes.

If wood, wire, and weathering are your cup of tea perhaps rustic is the style for you. Rustic light fixtures are often old-fashioned looking and are adorned with images of nature. If a light fixture looks like a worn old artifact or has the silhouette of a moose on it, it’s going to fall into the rustic category. Rustic motifs often fit cabin style homes and xeriscaped yards, but can provide a pleasing offset to a more stark-looking place.

Are you an art or history buff who loves art-deco or maybe late victorian styles? If so, then period pieces might be best suited to your tastes. Period light fixtures are designed to specifically mimic certain eras and style movements. Lanterns that appear like the gas lamps of old are available to really give that old-fashioned or artsy touch to your outdoor retreat. Craftsman and mission styles fall into this category, along with many other fabulous fixtures.

If you favor funky, edgy styles that push the envelope and start conversations then perhaps trendy pieces are right for your yard. These light fixtures make use of unique materials and designs. They stand out as being unique and bold and are well-suited for someone who does a lot of entertaining as they are real conversation-starters. Sometimes you’ll pay a bit more for the designer flair, but it’s worth it if that’s what suits you best.

These are not the only styles available and lighting can be found that defies categorization or is a blend of two or more different styles. Energy efficient and eco-friendly technology can be readily found within pretty much every style out there, as can more utilitarian lights (such as motion-detecting lights and floodlights).

Pick one category and purchase all of your outdoor lights to fit within that motif or mix and match as you see fit. You could dedicate different spots on your property to different styles – maybe a zen garden with simple and sleek modern post lights in one area and some Victorian period style fixtures near a rose garden. The possibilities are endless and are limited only by your imagination.

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