Monday, July 20, 2009

Innovative Ideas in Modern Landscape Lighting

  • Set up an outdoor kitchen. Summertime begs for barbecues to be had, so why not deck out your deck like a fully functional kitchen. When the weather is warm, you can just head outdoors rather than firing up the oven or stove inside. Mount or hang lights above utility areas, like the sink and barbecue – as well as areas where food will be prepared. Think about using dimmers on such lights, so that the brightness can be decreased later when the cooking area is not being used. String lights can be a pretty addition to such an area, adding sparkle and an all-over, “even” illumination to enjoy a meal under. You can even find a table light or chandelier for outdoor use to place over your dining area.
  • Mimic the moon – right in your own back yard. Lights can be placed in trees or on chimneys to shine downward, giving a glow akin to soft moonlight. This can be fun to light an area for a gathering or party.
  • Colored bulbs and covers are still a good way to jazz up an area for a special occasion. Use blue for a relaxing meal with friends, red or pink to set a romantic mood, or multiple colors to add a little something extra to a garden party. It’s amazing the difference made in an area by switching out your everyday bulbs to colored ones. It’s a very low-cost way to create dramatic (and temporary) changes in your outdoor environment.
  • Instead of the more common placement in front of an object, place a light behind something (a tree, shrub, or statue) to create a shadowy outline.
  • Place lighting under the eaves of your house to create a nice glow that seems to emanate from the house itself. This has a rather welcoming effect and looks especially fantastic during a foggy night.
  • Your landscape lights can also be used to up the decorative drama around holidays. As mentioned above, switching bulbs out to appropriately-colored ones is a quick way to make your place more festive. Don’t think cheesy here, either. Christmas bulbs don’t have to be red and green. How about blue and white or red and white? Dark purple or blood red lights can make a big impression around Halloween, too. Also, if you have installed the aforementioned under-eave lighting, having a colored bulb in bathes your home in a new hue.

These are just a few interesting ideas. Imagine the possibilities for your own property, and don’t limit yourself by thinking about the way other people have configured their outdoor lighting. Get creative and think of new ways to utilize light in your yard. (Always remember to consult a certified electrician if your lighting requires the installation of a transformer.) While you don’t want to end up with something that’s just too over-the-top or wacky, be confident in adding your own twist to the design of your outdoor lighting.

Have creative lighting design ideas of your own? We’d love to hear about them!

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