Monday, July 20, 2009

Cost Concerns

Another thing you’ll find in your quest for the perfect outdoor lighting is that prices vary greatly. A set of stake lights can be purchased for less than twenty dollars, while a single fixture can cost hundreds of dollars. Often, the cheapest sets are of very poor quality. While there’s nothing wrong with installing inexpensive lighting for a quick and easy upgrade; just don’t expect them to last for many seasons.

LED and solar powered light fixtures will usually cost more than their incandescent and florescent counterparts, and prices vary even within the categories of LED and solar-powered themselves. With solar-powered units, if you are considering purchasing a lower-end brand – please make sure to read the product specifications first to make sure that they will absorb and produce enough light for your satisfaction.

High-style and decorative fixtures always carry an extra cost, but if you can afford to do so it’s nice to be able to use lighting that reflects your personal tastes. While any lighting added to your landscape is going to be an improvement, careful consideration about which lights you put in will bring the added aesthetic to new heights.

If you desire high quality and style, but are on a meager budget consider purchasing your lighting in increments – buying an individual set or fixture at a time. Eventually, your entire property will be outfitted with good products that will continue to please you and your guests for years to come.

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